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We know the importance of R & D in the evolution of semi-trailers and in being in the forefront of the market. In our engineering department we work with the most powerful design programs in the market such as: Inventor or Autocad, with which we carry out continuous optimization studies of our vehicles. With this we intend to increase its durability and behavior in its work in terms of the application of new profiles or alloys such as joints of different materials, incorporating elements and surface treatments. In addition, we carry out studies on the improvement of machinery, tooling and continuous production methods. We develop the totality of the profiling that covers the needs of our clients. More than 50 own molds for the extrusion of the different profiles that form the structure of the vehicles.


A larger tipper for a higher volume load and lower tare to optimize transport and make it more profitable. Two possible lengths combined with four heights: 10,600 mm and 11,600 mm in length; and 1,900 mm, 2,000 mm, 2,100 mm and 2,200 mm in height. Resulting capacity: between 50 m3 and 63 m3. The Ceres range achieves maximum capacity with the smooth configuration of its panel. It is presented as the best option to optimize the load with an interior width of 2,480 mm that ensures maximum volume and a comfortable load of pallets if needed.


Tipper with aluminium chassis and steel bodywork, the ideal combination for the most extreme loads. 2 lengths and 2 side heights possible: 8.300 mm long with a height of 1.400 mm or 1.600 mm. And 8.600 mm with a height of 1.600 mm. This combination of models creates tippers between 24 m3 and 30 m3. VR round body in high-strength steel. Standard thickness 3 mm on the sides and 4 mm on the floor. Make it reinforced with 4 mm sides and 6 mm floor. Standard width of 1.300 mm Aluminium chassis, only 1 longitudinal weld seam and no transverse welds, the best possible connection.


The Tisvol multitool. It covers the medium bulk loads perfectly. Two possible lengths combined with three heights: 9,600 mm and 10,600 mm in length; and 1,800 mm, 1,900 mm and 2,000 mm in height. Resulting capacity: Between 41 m3 and 50 m3. Satisfactory and safe tipping. Regardless of what is transported, the engineering of the Solid range ensures a satisfactory and safe tipping experience. The versatility in the bodies has to start from the maximum resistance. The Metal plate and Ribs (CC), in any of its thickness combinations, is the most robust configuration for all types of loads.


Watertightness of liquids and limitation of odors escape are controlled. Sealing is fundamental in all types of transport but, depending on the load, it is absolutely essential. The works with biological remains represent one of those cases for which the NATURA range has the solution. Two possible lengths combined with a range of heights: 10,100 mm and 10,600 mm in length; and between: 1,700 mm and 2,100 mm in height. Resulting capacity: between 42 m3 and 55 m3.

Other solutions

There are also ORGANIC and METAL models that complete the TISVOL range. Consult us for other configurations.

Official Certificates

Quality with Guarantees

  • Quality stamps

    All vehicles are designed and built under European regulations and comply with the regulations of the European Community Directives. EC type-approval (the EU type-approval system is the only one that guarantees permanent control of production conformity).

  • Certificate of the UCA (Automobile Certification Unit)

    The Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Innovation is the technical service designated by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for the performance of initial evaluations, production conformity and continuous verification of the homologation of industrial vehicles.


We have always believed that limiting the concept of transport to going from one place to another is an error. transporte a ir de um lugar para outro é um erro.

  • Each piece is important in the gear of a good job. There are many solutions, but only one is the most suitable for each transport. That is why we guarantee the use of the best materials to optimize the functionality of our products. Lightness, safety and quality are the values that matter most to us, and guaranteeing them is what motivates us to continue delivering ourselves to the fullest in our day to day.

  • We greatly reduce the environmental impact. We bet on solar energy, which is materialized in 15,000 m2 of solar panels placed on the roofs of our facilities, which generate between 90,000 Kwh and 120,000 Kwh monthly-sufficient to supply more than 370 homes.