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The right trailer for every challenge.

We offer you optimal solutions for all transport requirements. Discover our products which set real standards in terms of innovation and quality. A range of trailers which ensure value stability and are also practical and user-friendly. Always a good solution – the right vehicle for every application: From the Profi Liner, an all-rounder, to specialist vehicles such as the Paper Liner or Coil Liner, we offer you flatbed semitrailers for every situation and with different specifications. Maximum volume in our Mega Liner, special load securing equipment in our Paper Liner or Coil Liner. KRONE knows what transport professionals need and therefore takes practical details into account. The Coffer-type semitrailers from KRONE are for professionals from professionals. With our Dry Liner and Cool Liner, you are ideally prepared for all refrigerated, fresh or dry goods transport. From transporting flowers, through meat hanging and doubledeck, to multi-temperature insulating partitions, there are also numerous variants for you, the customer, to choose from. Sturdy and multi-functional – these are the characteristics of KRONE’s Container Chassis and swap bodies. Practical, versatile and easy to use – these criteria are found in both the chassis and the swap-bodies. And last, but not least, KRONE also considers an aerodynamic design.Trailers and superstructures round off the diverse product range of KRONE. Simple and safe handling, tested components, first-class manufacture as well as the long-term protection provided by the cathodic dip coating plus powder make KRONE vehicles an investment which pays off in every case. 


All of our knowledge has been incorporated into our Profi Liner. Years of experience which we bring onto the roads with the maximum possible quality. Here, our Profi is in its element And it makes a difference every day.Quality is the foundation of everything - Our Profi Liner has been thought out to the finest detail and fitted with particularly high-quality standard components. For this reason, it is the basis for all KRONE semitrailers. It does not matter what challenges you put in its way, it will solve them reliably.An investment that holds its value - With the welded chassis, the cathodic dip coating and the award-winning KRONE Multi Lock external frame you can count on high stability, the best possible protection and durability – and on a high resale value for the second life of the trailer.Profi Liner tailor made - Fit out your Profi Liner exactly to your needs with all the features that make it a true professional for your business.


It does not matter what they are used for – our refrigerated semitrailers provide the right answer for every transport task. They stand out with their sturdiness down to the smallest detail and their great levels of efficiency.Details that you will love - You find particularly hard conditions in temperature-controlled goods transport – the KRONE Cool Liner is particularly well equipped to meet them. The chassis, body and general equipment are strong and purpose-built. From the flexible air duct, through the leak-proof floor tray to the stainless steel rear closures – the Cool Liner can cope with the highest demands thanks to the many solutions developed in conjunction with our customers.Transport to suit your taste - Be it vegetables, meat or frozen goods – all food transported in our refrigerated trailers is in the best of hands. The Cool Liner is HACCP compliant in the special equipment version that you want. Particularly helpful: Thanks to KRONE Telematics, you can always keep an eye on the position, status and temperature of your transport.Everything under control - Safety is also written large with the Cool Liner. With its intelligent functions, you are informed about your transport around the clock. Alongside the telematics functions, you benefit from a tyre-pressure monitoring system and a ramp approach aid. Special protection is also achieved by the comprehensive security systems, such as KRONE Door Protect.


Container transporters must withstand a great deal. Our Box Liners are designed so that not even the largest loads can defeat them. The harsh reality of containers confronted everyday are mastered with many intelligent functions. Top technology that ensures high levels of efficiency.

Other solutions

There is also a whole set of products more suited to niche markets that complete the KRONE range: from the Dry Liner semi-trailers with their closed boxes, through the coil holder, our Coil Liner, with other ranges, that's all products that KRONE is proud to have in its range.

Tradition and Innovation

Quality and innovation have been at the focus of the KRONE corporate philosophy for 110 years. This approach continues to be systematically applied to this day. 

  • Sturdy and profitable - Our trailers are based on a solid welding process and stable equipment. And our innovative practical transport solutions leave nothing to be desired in terms of their practicality and loading efficiency. The overall result: maximum efficiency at minimum cost. 
  • “All in KRONE” – everything from a single source - Behind the “All in KRONE” trailer concept hides, among other things, the complete KRONE trailer. All parts have a KRONE reference number, this means that we are able to help you quicker in all matters relating to service, maintenance and spare parts.

Strong arguments

There are many good reasons, quality and service features which speak for Krone. We rely on our solid principles so that your performance can be even stronger thanks to our products. This is something you can count on.

  • Loading made easy - We rely on our KRONE Multi Safe system – a certified solution for securing your cargo. All the requirements for transport safety can be solved in this way. Flexible, practical and reliable.
  • Stable chassis - The welded chassis on a KRONE trailer meets all the requirements of the harsh demands placed on it in everyday transportation use. Extremely sturdy and exceptionally resilient during loading and unloading – you can count on this.